Gingerbread Haven Volunteer

Our annual fundraiser, Gingerbread Haven, utilizes volunteers throughout the year. We need help counting and pre-packaging supplies, folding aprons, steaming table linens, shopping for decorating supplies, and sorting/packaging candy. The event itself requires many volunteers to help move supplies onto and off of trucks, disperse supplies at the venue, unpack and prepare gingerbread houses, dress and set up tabletops, decorate the venue, and to "flip" the room between the first and second event. At the close of the second event, tables must be cleared, linens collected, and all supplies boxed and loaded back onto the trucks for transport to the Fair Havens office. In days following the event, volunteers are needed to help inventory the supplies and return them to their storage containers. 

Our website will soon be updated with specific volunteer needs for the 2023 event.