Gingerbread Haven FAQ's

Where can I find the most recent event updates? 

Check out our Facebook page for the latest updates on invitation mailings, when the event is sold out, and if there is availability of after-event sale of houses, icing, candy, and aprons. 

When can I reserve a table? 

To be fair to all of our attendees, table reservations can only be made after the invitations are mailed in October. Every attempt is made for the invitations to be mailed on Monday of the third week in October. For early reservation of tables, refer to our Underwriting options.

Can I be added to the invitation mailing list? 

Yes by clicking here to sign up

How many seats are at each table? 

Each table seats eight guests. 

Does every attendee have to have a seat at the table? 

  • Ladies luncheon Event - Yes. Each seat has its own house and supplies. 
  • Family Afternoon Event - No. Children may be seated on adult laps or adults may choose to stand to assist children. Each seat has one house and supplies. 

When is the last day to purchase a table? 

The second Friday in November is the last day to purchase a table or when the event sells out. Event sell-outs are posted to our Facebook page

Are tickets for individual seats available for purchase? 

Yes. Only a limited number of individual table seats are available and seating next to friends is not guaranteed. 

Are houses and candy available for purchase outside of the event? 

Houses, icing, candy, and aprons are generally available at the office a couple days after the event closes. However, we cannot guarantee there will be houses or candy left over.

We would be happy to answer any other questions you may have! Feel free to call us at 432-689-3411, or email us by clicking here