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Success Stories

Take a moment to sit back and listen to the stories of some of our determined moms who have come through the Midland Fair Havens program.

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The following are real stories from real families who were ministered to by Midland Fair Havens.

It Takes Time

Each family that participates in the Fair Havens program is affected differently by their experience. As our young single mothers seek to build a brighter future for their families, we see rapid change and almost instant success with some residents. But for others, that process simply takes time.

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An Unexpected Gift (shared by the Fair Havens staff)

Christmas is a season full of God’s ‘miracles’!  This year, Fair Havens is truly going to be given a gift that is from God  and one that shows His gracious provision!  I hope you will be able to share this story with everyone you see this season…

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A Grateful Heart

The Midland Fair Havens program is a stepping stone to a successful life story.  With a time limit of 24 months, we know that not all of the life goals that our clients express will be completed before they must move on.  Tracy is one such client.

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Forever Grateful

Tina and her son came to Fair Havens with little self esteem and limited expectations for her future. Coming from a background of generational poverty lacking in the resources of education and healthy support systems, she was willing to leave family and move from Amarillo to pursue long term economic stability. She thrived under the accountability and structure of the program embracing the concept of building a stable home life without chaos and uncertainty. 

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Endless Possibilities

As victims of domestic violence, Ella and her two children came to Fair Havens searching for a new beginning.  This family was restored to emotional and spiritual stability through counseling, life skills training and intense case management.

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Midland Fair Havens Children

Midland Fair Havens is committed to 'building families' which means not only equipping our mothers with skills for success but also our children. Here are a few examples of how we serve the needs in these young lives.

  • One mom who is completing her difficult dental hygienist degree has a three year old son with challenges in his speech development, physical movements and behavior.

  • Self image with a healthy self concept is an important building block to the success of our children.  One 8 year old girl entered the Fair Havens program with deplorable oral health.  She always kept her chin lowered, avoided eye contact and would not smile.

  • Coming from a background of abandonment and familial discrimination, a 10 year girl entered our program with a poor self concept.  Her caring mother struggled trying to encourage her and overcome their past. There was frequent conflict at home.

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