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Success Stories

The following is a real story from a real family who was ministered to by Midland Fair Havens.

A Grateful Heart

The Midland Fair Havens program is a stepping stone to a successful life story. With a time limit of 24 months, we know that not all of the life goals that our clients express will be completed before they must move on. Tracy* is one such client. With multiple barriers, this graduate was able to complete her 2 year Associate’s Degree in Applied Science as a resident. When her time was done, she found some housing that her part time job wages and her student grants could fund while she pursues her long term goals. Currently, she is continuing her college education for a degree in Chemistry so that she can ultimately teach in high school. Her time in the Fair Havens program changed her life path from one of generational poverty to one where self sufficiency is possible. In her own words, she expressed her thoughts of the program like this:

QuoteFair Havens has taught me and given me the tools to use to deal with so many things in my life. My self-image has improved and I am gaining confidence all the time. Living at Midland Fair Havens has given me encouragement, hope and stability. They made me want to have a closer walk with the Lord and draw strength from God.

I loved the Life Skills classes and needed them all.  The series on relationship boundaries was eye opening and life changing! I never realized that it was ok and healthy to set boundaries with my family and friends. Now, I know that I deserve so much more than I ever allowed myself to have. I will never again settle for second best when it comes to a relationship with a man.

The classes on budgeting were about something that I had never heard of before! No wonder I didn’t ever have any money! I didn’t even know what credit really was and how easy it can be to get into debt that you can’t pay off. Now, I have put myself on a budget and I am aware of my credit score.  The classes on budgeting and credit scores were invaluable to me because I want to be self sufficient.  I also learned how to be a better mother and how important it is for me to spend time with my kids. Their lives will be different than mine because of that.  I learned that I have value and a purpose.

I know that I can get a degree and make a better life for my family. I am the only one in my family that has ever gone to college.  My accomplishments would not have been possible without the Midland Fair Havens program. In fact, I really don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t been accepted here.  I just can’t truly express how grateful I am for everything.

*Tracy is a fictitious name used to protect the confidentiality of the actual client described in this story.

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