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Success Stories

The following is a real story from a real family who was ministered to by Midland Fair Havens.

Forever Grateful

Tina* and her son came to Fair Havens with little self esteem and limited expectations for her future. Coming from a background of generational poverty lacking in the resources of education and healthy support systems, she was willing to leave family and move from Amarillo to pursue long term economic stability.

QuoteShe thrived under the accountability and structure of the program embracing the concept of building a stable home life without chaos and uncertainty.  Tina eagerly absorbed the information presented to her through the life skills classes and her college courses which slowly built her confidence in her ability to make good choices.  A ‘first generation’ college student, she completed her Associate’s Degree as a Para Legal and enrolled at UTPB.

As her self image improved, she became empowered with the belief that she had something to offer an employer. A part time job at Midland College was upgraded to a full time position even as she continued her education.  In December 2010, Tina graduated with honors from UTPB with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. 

While she pursues a career in ‘helping others’ and further considers working for a law degree, her current income is stable and self sustaining.  Tina speaks openly that Fair Havens provided the hope and support she needed to change her life course.  At Fair Havens, she learned to budget her income, repair and build her credit so that her future holds the possibility of home ownership. However, to truly become economically stable, Tina needed time to heal emotionally from destructive relationships and learn to believe in her abilities. 

Using her own words, I would never have become who I am today without the opportunity of living at Fair Havens.  Everything I learned there with their caring support changed my life forever.  Now, I want to help others reach their potential like Fair Havens helped me.  I will forever be grateful.

*Tina is a fictitious name used to protect the confidentiality of the actual client described in this story.

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