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An Unexpected Gift

Christmas is a season full of God’s ‘miracles’! This year, Fair Havens is truly going to be given a gift that is from God and one that shows His gracious provision! I hope you will be able to share this story with everyone you see this season…

Patti Owens came earlier this week with Doraliza Raglin to deliver Christmas presents for our moms and children. They had prearranged with me to get clothing sizes and gift ideas so everything was beautifully wrapped and personalized for each of our clients. Even though Patti had been here before, Doraliza had not seen the facility, so I took them on a tour and was able to share how God’s hand has been on Fair Havens since the beginning. Of course, I told them how much we depended upon others in our community to be able to fulfill our mission. We all know that we cannot do what we do at Fair Havens without others. As they left that day, they both asked if there was another ‘need’ at Fair Havens that they might help with. I was able to share with them a few general needs before they left but was already overwhelmed with gratitude for their Christmas generosity. As I returned to my office, I was still contemplating our ‘needs’. After talking with Jerri, she reminded me about the small truck that Bob needed since the Suburban had been replaced by the 12 passenger van. He requires something to carry loads and haul things to fulfill his responsibilities. With some hesitation, I emailed Patti to share that ‘need‘ with her assuming that Spirit Energy, a company who had helped us secure the Suburban, might be able to find a truck for us to purchase.

This morning when I arrived at my office, I found that Patti had left me a voicemail…about a very special truck! When I called her, she shared that her husband, Jerry, had a family member who had asked for help in selling his truck. In times past, Jerry had always had quick success in helping family members sell their used vehicles. This truck was an exception. After months, Patti said that her husband eventually just bought the truck himself so he could just keep it for ‘someone who might need it… someday’. When she received my email, she was so excited to share it with her husband. He said that Fair Havens must be the one that God wanted to have that truck! As it turns out, it is exactly what we wanted, a small Ranger truck, perfect for our needs! When I inquired about the price, Patti said that she and Jerry wished to donate the truck, God’s truck, to Fair Havens because of the work that we do here! Isn’t God amazing!!!! He had that truck waiting for just the right time: Jerry needed to buy it; Patti needed to visit Fair Havens; I needed to be bold enough to ask for a ‘big’ need; Patti & Jerry needed to be sensitive to God AND be generous enough to meet that need! They don’t HAVE to be giving us this truck because we were more than ready to buy one. They are choosing to allow God to meet our need through them. The money we would have spent can now go to other program needs. I know that God will be blessing Patti & Jerry for their caring hearts and giving spirit! When she was sharing the story with me, we were both so excited about what God was doing; Patti was giving Him glory with her testimony and I was teary eyed…and overwhelmed again!!! We at Fair Havens will certainly be blessed by them and never forget this gift!!!

May all glory go to our Awesome and Mighty God who provides for us even before we ask! Besides the truck , I am so grateful for other believers, like Patti & Jerry, who share our hearts desire to serve other who are less fortunate. This gift is a miracle!! But we are so blessed at Fair Havens to get to see miracles all year long as God changes the hearts and lives of our families! Oh, What an AWESOME GOD WE SERVE!!!!

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