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Success Stories

Fair Havens is committed to continuing to assist the families who have completed the program and are no longer residents.

  • One mom who is completing her difficult dental hygienist degree has a three year old son with challenges in his speech development, physical movements and behavior. Since her school program is located in a neighboring town, the mom was unable to take him to necessary rehab and speech sessions. To assure the continuance of the Early Childhood Intervention program that was began when the family resided at Fair Havens, the Family Enrichment Coordinator (FEC) committed to taking the child to rehab two days and speech one day of every week.

    The FEC was rewarded one morning on their drive to rehab when he plainly said her name! From that day forward, very noticeable progress has been observed in his speech and behavior. Now, the mother, having seen many positive results from faithful therapy, continues to access other programs that will help her son reach his full potential. She admits that without Fair Havens she would not know how to access resources that will improve his future.

  • Self image with a healthy self concept is an important building block to the success of our children. One 8 year old girl entered the Fair Havens program with deplorable oral health. She always kept her chin lowered, avoided eye contact and would not smile. Eating was a painful experience. Coming from a long term abusive relationship, her mother had not had the funds to take her to the dentist in her developmental years. Mother also lacked the education to understand the importance of oral hygiene for ‘baby teeth’.

    After some education on dental health as well as insight into parenting, the mother and the FEC worked together to find resources to help the little girl. Two dentists evaluated this child’s issues and concluded that she needed over $6000 worth of oral surgery! Through some extremely generous sources, the young lady was able to have the dental work done at the hospital for a fraction of the cost. The FEC was worried about her recovery after having 6 teeth pulled and many more crowned or filled, but she was quickly relieved. This precious child walked into her office after just a couple of days with a huge smile on her face! In fact, she has not stopped smiling since her surgery. Not only is this child healthier physically, she now has a healthier self concept. She is attending school with more energy and making friends with her smile.

  • Coming from a background of abandonment and familial discrimination, a 10 year girl entered our program with a poor self concept. Her caring mother struggled trying to encourage her and overcome their past. There was frequent conflict at home. Coming to the FEC, her mother expressed concerns that the child’s academic success was being affected and the problem seemed to be self feeding. The more the girl struggled academically, the lower her self concept became. As the FEC developed a trust relationship with this child, she was able to provide her with a tutor for her academic struggles and a children’s counselor for her emotional concerns.

    Slowly, this young lady is overcoming her poor self image. Her grades have improved and her smile has brightened. This young girl has developed a strong trust relationship with her tutor and her counselor so she looks forward to their sessions. She comes to the office for hugs from the staff. Her mother has commented on her improved attitude at home and she can tell that her daughter is feeling more comfortable with who she is!

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