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You know you love your kids, but let’s get real. Any parent knows that there are a lot of ups and downs. If you are a single parent, you have the double duty of being both the mom and the dad. The ‘job’ can seem overwhelming at times. But when all is said and done, Clip Artthose little ones can be your greatest blessing! At Midland Fair Havens, we promote healthy families. You can call us at (432) 689-3411 for help but here are a few things that might help you be the best mom you can be!

  • Take time to learn to be a good parent…

    Parenting is a skill that must be learned, just like cooking or driving. Most moms parent like their moms did which can be helpful or harmful. Because parenthood is one of the most demanding and challenging jobs, you need to develop the skills that will make it a joy for both you and the kids! Read books on parenting and attend parenting classes at your church or other places in the community. There are some resources listed on the last page. Remember while God made each child unique, you can always learn from being with other moms. The ‘pay off’ for this job is worth it!
  • Take time to know your child…

    Understand that your child will have different needs as they grow & develop.

    • Infants need the basics: food, clothing, shelter, sleep, and lots of loving cuddling! Remember, you cannot ‘spoil’ a baby.

    • Toddlers & Preschoolers need a safe place to explore and learn to do things on their own. Making messes and ‘getting into things’ is the way they learn about the world so ‘childproof’ your house to relieve frustration. They need you to read to them and talk with them so they can learn to talk. Set consistent rules to protect them but ones that will allow them to try new things. Help your child to learn how to express their feelings appropriately.

    • Elementary school children need to know the proper way to behave and do things. They need to be independent & dependent at the same time! They need to develop friendships and be like others their age. Consistent rules are important for you to be able to teach your values and give them security.

    • Teenagers need to become independent from parents and they need to accept responsibility for their behavior which will include suffering consequences for poor choices. They need to develop their own identity and beliefs. They will need your support and permission to become themselves. You have given them the tools to ‘grow up’ but they must learn to use them.
  • Take time to learn about discipline…

    Discipline is not the same as Punishment.

    • Discipline is teaching your children the proper and safe way to behave so that they will know how to act as adults.

    • Punishment is simply an unpleasant consequence for a certain behavior. It only shows a child what they SHOULDN’T do, not what they SHOULD do.

    Positive discipline involves encouraging behaviors that you would like the child to learn. Praise with your words, hugs and even special treats can reinforce positive behavior. When a child behaves improperly, the goal is to point out the error and explain why it is wrong. Saying ‘no’ without teaching a child what is OK is confusing and frustrating for everyone. Modeling proper behavior is very important. Remember your child will always “do what you do” over what you tell them to do!
  • Take time to take care of you…

    Don’t stop being a person when you become a parent. You have your own interests and needs and you deserve time to pursue those. When you feel better about yourself, it will be easier to meet the needs of your children. Even just a few minutes of solitude with God can give you a new lease on life. Look for that time when the kids are napping or at daycare/school. At times you may feel like there is no time for you, but your children are growing up quickly and will not need you as much in just a few short years. Cherish your motherhood as a time to make your imprint on future generations!

Parent ResourcesHandprints

  • High Sky Children’s Ranch
    8701 WCR 60, Midland – 432.694.7728

  • Centers for Children & Families
    1004 N. Big Spring, Suite 325, Midland – 432.570.1084

  • Rays of Hope
    900 W. Wall, Midland – 432.684.KIDS

  • Casa de Amigos
    1101 E. Garden Lane, Midland – 432.682.9701

  • Community Children’s Clinic
    1101 E. Front Street, Midland – 432.686.8593

  • Midland Community Health Care Services (Pediatrics)
    2500 Delano, Midland – 432.697.4747

Recommended Book List

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