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Can We Help You? {Resources}

Following are links to some resources we've developed that we hope you'll find helpful. You may also download all of this material in a single PDF document.

  • God's Plan of Salvation -  Every person needs to be saved. Isn't it great that God has made it so simple?

  • Abusive Relationships - You never deserve to be abused! Here are some warning signs, and some resources for your protection.

  • Parenting - Nobody told you it would be this hard, right? Here are a few things that might help you be the best mom you can be!

  • Creating a Budget You Can Live With! - In order to control your money, you need a plan. We can help!

Helpful Websites

The following websites have information we think might be useful. Please note, however, that Midland Fair Havens is not responsible for the content on any of these sites.

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